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Fruit Union

We are the largest association supporting Polish producers and distributors of fruit and vegetables.

  • we promote the outstanding quality and unique flavours of Polish food in Poland and abroad
  • we are preserving the legacy, relevance and position of fruit farming in Poland
  • we are working towards sustainability of the fruit and vegetables market
  • we are communicating and popularising the latest industry quality standards
  • we are providing legal and economic advice on the production and sales of fruit and vegetables
  • we are lobbying for the development of appropriate standards and unified terms of operation of the businesses in our industry
  • we are reinforcing the position of Polish producers on foreign markets and working to improve the terms and conditions of export
  • we are sharing our know-how and experience gained through years of working in the industry
  • we are conducting informational, consulting and publishing activities
  • we are providing the latest data on the market conditions, trends and prices
  • we are a non-profit organisation, representing the interests of our members since 2010
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Polish Fruit Growers Association

Founded in 1999, ZSRP integrates and represents Polish fruit farmers, conducting a wide range of activities, including:

  • working together with state and local government authorities
  • popularising fruit farming
  • organising exhibitions and seminars, promoting environmentally friendly production
  • protecting the fruit farmers’ interests
  • supporting the economic growth of the fruit farming industry
  • promoting European fruit on international markets
  • promoting fruit consumption and eating healthy