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Get to know Grójec Apples!

Did you know that for over 10 years, Grójec Apples have been entered into the EU register as a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI). The region where they are produced is commonly called “the biggest orchard in Europe”, and the fruit is a Polish “national treasure”. The strength and advantages of the Grójec Apples’ PGI are proven by more than 500 years of experience and tradition.

Get to know Grójec Apples!

The region’s first orchards were established during Queen Bona’s reign. In the 16th century, she allocated the land she owned for a royal plantation of fruit trees, especially apple trees. Today, fruit from the Grójec area provides almost half of all apple production in Poland! Moreover, the exceptional taste of ‘Grójec Apples PGI’, its characteristic acidity and very pronounced blush, resulting from the higher content of pigments under the skin are the effect of the favourable natural conditions, the specific microclimate and the expertise of the local fruit-growers.

Get to know Grójec Apples!

The Grójec Apples PGI brand comprises only premium-class apples (extra and First Class), meeting specific requirements concerning colouring, size and firmness of flesh. In addition, all farms producing Grójec Apples must follow the principles of Integrated Apple Production or the food safety standard – GLOBAL GAP. The Grójec Apple family includes 27 varieties and their bud sports, the most important of which are: Gala, Red Jonaprince, Golden Delicious, and Ligol.


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