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Another harvest is coming up

The next fruit harvest is approaching at a rapid pace. Some fruit growers have already started harvesting summer apple varieties, but there are none on my farm, so we will still have to wait a while for the harvest. This year, I anticipate that the harvest will begin relatively standard, and it will be in early September.

Another harvest is coming up

There have been seasons in which the harvest was accelerated by up to 10 days due to earlier flowering, which depends on spring temperatures. This season, fortunately, is typical and harvest dates promise to be standard.

This season is proving difficult for many fruit growers regarding agrotechnical treatments and the economic situation. Quite a few orchards this year have been left either neglected or unattended, and their fruit will not be of the highest quality. This results from the difficult market situation and production costs on a sharp rise due to the war in Ukraine and the concessions of “rescue” measures during the pandemic. Unfortunately, fruit growers also continue to be paid the same for the fruits of their labour, although apples are clearly more expensive on store shelves. This is unfortunate because the fate of many producers supplying delicious apples to consumers’ tables is at stake in this crisis.

This year, the fruit from our farm will be plentiful and of good quality. Despite the drought that prevailed in June and July, thanks to the irrigation system, it was possible to produce a good-sized fruit. This gives me and my family great pleasure because we like and even love seeing our work transformed into something beautiful. I guess consumers enjoy our work just as much.


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