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Autumn is already here. This year the leaves have turned yellow exceptionally early, and it is still warm, so we can enjoy the beautiful sights of the golden autumn in Poland. Another harvest is finally behind us.


This year we have faced many adversities related to the war on our neighbour’s soil. However, despite these difficulties, we rose to the challenge and managed to harvest the delicious apples in time. A small portion of the fruit went on direct sale. However, most of the fruit was locked up in special cold fruit storage, where it will remain for the next few months. That’s precisely what is going to happen. Many months in cold storage, but our consumers don’t have to worry that fruit from cold storage won’t taste as good in the spring. We store apples in such conditions to keep all their flavour and parameters unchanged.

In most cases, cold fruit storage chambers are super-modern giant refrigerators that, in addition to cooling fruit to about 1.5 degrees Celsius, control the atmosphere inside them. This means that such facilities are equipped with special devices that monitor and regulate the composition of the air so that the oxygen level in the cooling chamber is only 1% and carbon dioxide is about 1.5%. Such a composition of the atmosphere slows down the fruit ripening processes so that their taste and firmness remain unchanged until spring.


Huge refrigerator chambers mean very high electricity consumption, but we are trying to balance electricity consumption with renewable energy sources. A great many fruit growers are taking advantage of the benefits of the latest technologies related to solar energy production to lower their bills and be more competitive in the market, but also to leave a smaller carbon footprint.


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