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Finally, the moment we’ve been waiting for

At last, the longed-for moment for every fruit grower has arrived; that is, the apple harvest has begun. As usual in our orchard, we start with a variety that is probably known to everyone in the world, namely Gala.

Finally, the moment we've been waiting for

Gala is a variety that has a multitude of sub-varieties. The most popular are Royal Gala, Gala Schnico, Gala SchnicoRed, Dark Baron, Gala Brookfield, etc. The list is endless. Like every other year, the harvest is determined by many factors through which the orchardist decides on the optimal date. Firmness, distribution of starch (i.e. ripeness) and sugar level must be just right for the apples to be delicious. All this is measured with appropriate measuring instruments, and a decision is made to begin the harvest.

Finally, the moment we've been waiting for

This year we expected a slightly delayed harvest date. Still, nature did not disappoint and gave us large temperature amplitudes between day and night. Hence, the fruit began to colour quickly, and the harvest date fell into the standard period. The low temperatures at night, high temperatures during the day, and lots of sunshine make apples blush almost instantly. Every fruit grower strongly anticipates cooler nights, which “paint” the fruit in orchards by making them more attractive to consumers.

As an apple grower, I strongly encourage you to buy fresh apples to enjoy the taste of the fruit of paradise. I look forward with impatience to the moment I can take a bite and enjoy that wonderful taste of fresh apples.


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