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In harmony with nature

And it all starts again. With spring, every fruit grower feels that he is living in a cycle with nature. For some, spring is such a wonderful time of year when the birds start to sing outside the window so that you can hear nature coming to life, but for others it is a period of intensified fieldwork where practically everything has to be done “yesterday”.

In harmony with nature

Sometimes nature is kind and spring comes slowly, but sometimes the change from winter to spring temperatures happens so quickly that the period from the moment the buds burst on the apple trees to flowering lasts just three weeks. This year so far, spring is tentative and higher temperatures are rare. This time of year means increased agronomic work: the end of winter pruning, cleaning up after winter pruning, disease-reducing sanitary treatments, fertilising and preparing installations or equipment to prevent the effects of spring frost.

source: KPB Fruits

Mostly this is an overhaul of pumps and irrigation installations that may have been damaged after the winter. It’s a lot of work, but you don’t get tired of watching nature come to life every day after the winter. And you can’t wait for the blossoming, which is coming soon….


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