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Marcin Lis

Fruit grower by profession and passion. He represents the 4th generation of fruit growers in the family. Martin continues the more than 100-year tradition of his farm in the Grójec district, known as the largest orchard in Europe.

Marcin Lis

His domain is spread over 20 hectares, where he maintains modern orchards that are fully equipped with irrigation, frost and hail protection systems. Every year Marcin’s farm supplies 1000 tons of the highest quality fruit, which are enjoyed not only by Poles and Europeans but also by apple lovers worldwide.

This is what Marcin has to say: I love what I do. The view of the orchards is the most beautiful view I can imagine. So every morning, I get on my moped and visit my orchards. I do it even when I don’t have to look after anything – just to enjoy the sight of apple trees and apples growing in harmony with nature.

Marcin has two children who help in the orchards, are learning orcharding and will become the 5th generation to run the family farm in the future.
In our blog, Marcin will give you an insight into the life of an orchard. You will be able to follow the changes in nature throughout the year, observe the seasonal work, and follow the formation of apples from the first flower buds to the harvest of ripe, juicy fruit.

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