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The fruit grower’s nature

The fruit grower’s nature is a peculiar one. At first, we eagerly anticipate the apple harvest, but once it begins, we’re anxious for it to end. Finally, after a long wait, the harvest season has come to a close.

The fruit grower's nature

This year, our farm has had a record-breaking yield, which is a reason for us to be pleased. All the apples have been sent to the fruit cold storage where they will “mature” peacefully, probably until the new year when they will be sold. We will sort them by size, colour, and sometimes, weight, as every country has its preferences. Some countries sell by weight while others sell by the piece.

However, the end of the harvest season doesn’t mean the end of work in the orchard. We are currently removing the least needed varieties and preparing the fields for new plantings. Also, it’s almost winter cutting season.

Meanwhile, we invite you to wait for our delicious fruits, which will be available for purchase after the New Year.


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