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The time of hard work begins.

Once again, harvest time is fast approaching. It is probably the most challenging period in the entire annual production cycle. These difficulties are mainly because much fruit has to be harvested in a short period. It’s already autumn, and nature can play tricks at this time.

The time of hard work begins

Sometimes, we harvest under challenging conditions, accompanied by rain and wind gusts. Labour is also becoming increasingly difficult to find, as it turns out that everyone wants to eat tasty apples but not necessarily pick them 🙂 . Fortunately, year after year, we manage to pick all the fruit. Then, we send it to chilling chambers, the sorting plants, and the stores where apple lovers can purchase the fruits of our labour.

The time of hard work begins

Every year, we probably start with our best variety, Gala. The number of Gala sub-varieties is mind-boggling, but among the most popular are Gala Brookfield, Gala Schnico, Gala SchnicoRed, and Gala Val. Gala is also mainly divided into all-red or so-called striped varieties. Striped means those whose where the blushing is uneven – striped. The next variety to be harvested will be Golden Delicious, Red JonaPricne, and Red Delicious. Note that there are other varieties, such as Ligol or Champagne, but times change, and these are no longer present on our farm.


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