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Time of growth

Time flies inexorably. This can be seen from the growth of fruit on the trees. According to preliminary calculations, the harvest in our orchard will begin in early September. On the one hand, we’re glad it’s already here, but on the other, it marks the end of summer.

Time of growth

Unfortunately, the vacations are coming to an end, and this year has been especially lovely, as the weather has been good so far. It’s warm, but not too much, with occasional showers to irrigate our plantations. Speaking of irrigation. We had to help the trees a bit this year so that the fruit would grow to be luscious and satisfy even the pickiest of apple eaters. Irrigation on our farm is planned with precision. This means that the decision on when to turn on the irrigation system and how long to irrigate the plantation is based on readings from electronic measuring devices – soil moisture sensors. This ensures optimal soil moisture levels and does not use water in excess, but only as much as the plants need.

Time of growth

Life in the countryside is not only hard work but also beautiful views of the sunset against the backdrop of the orchard or the rainbow, at the end of which, unfortunately, we have not yet found the pot of gold. It would probably sweeten the hardship of our daily work, but the scenery is rewarding enough.


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